Top 25 Green Travel Tips for Travellers

If you check most people CVs, they indicate travelling as their hobby. It is exciting and thrilling to see new places and experience different cultures. However, during the process, people pollute the environment in many ways. Green travel is about embracing environmentally safe methods and practises to reduce pollutants such as carbon emission and waste which helps save energy and money.

If you are already exercising zero waste in your home, then it is time to go a further step and adopt green methods while on the road. Staying green is not difficult and does not cause any inconvenience. Here are top 25 green travel ideas that will help you in junk removal while on the go.

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Secret NYC Tunnels: The Unknown Underground World of the City

The NYC underground transit system has been around for a couple of years, almost 112 years to be exact! When something has been around and in use for that long, it has probably got a few secrets to hide. This list is here to bring some of the top secrets of the NYC subway to light.

How to Price a Ride
Any tourist to New York would have to do some extensive research to find the price of a ride on the subway, and may even have to get in line to pay at a ticket machine before they know. The natives of New York, well they just grab a slice. It’s not an official price measurement but for some reason for the over the last 50 years in NYC, the price of a ticket and a single slice of pizza have been relatively, if not exactly, the same. The reason for this principle, known as the New York pizza connection, remains a mystery but its accuracy allows it to still be one of the most famous examples of street side economics to this day.

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Los Angeles Travel Tips

You see and hear about them all the time. The unprepared tourist who is fresh out of the plane, car, bus, or boat that is about to have a bad time. Whether it be from getting stuck in traffic, getting lost in the sea of city, or just avoiding the unnecessary parts of Los Angeles life, this guide is here to help you on your next Los Angeles travel experience.

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London Underground: 15 Fascinating Tube Facts

1. The London Underground is the world’s oldest and largest subway system. The 250 miles of track consist of 287 different stations stretching between 11 different lines.

2. The world’s original underground rail line opened in 1863 and ran steam powered wooden carriages between Paddington and Farrington.

3. The London Underground was also the first to operate electric trains. The world’s first electric subway train ran the Uxbridge line in 1905.

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