Top 25 Green Travel Tips for Travellers

If you check most people CVs, they indicate travelling as their hobby. It is exciting and thrilling to see new places and experience different cultures. However, during the process, people pollute the environment in many ways. Green travel is about embracing environmentally safe methods and practises to reduce pollutants such as carbon emission and waste which helps save energy and money.

If you are already exercising zero waste in your home, then it is time to go a further step and adopt green methods while on the road. Staying green is not difficult and does not cause any inconvenience. Here are top 25 green travel ideas that will help you in junk removal while on the go.

Packing and leaving home
To travel green, you need to plan. The way you pack and prepare will determine how environmentally friendly your travel will turn. Here are some tips.

Pack light
Heavy luggage needs more fuel energy to carry. If you pack appropriately, you reduce the fuel burned by the vehicle, train or aeroplane hence reducing carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Carry reusable water bottles and a shopping bag
The bottle can be plastic or glass. Anytime you need some water refill it and do not but packed bottled water. A shopping bag will hold any content be it groceries or light shopping needed while travelling hence avoiding more polyethene bags on the way.

Recycle before you leave
Do you have items that can be recycled at home? Drop them on your way to your destination.

Turn off all lights and accessories
If you leave no one behind, turning off all lights and electronic gadgets. Such practise will help conserve power. The electricity bill will be less meaning more to spend while travelling.

Suspend newspaper delivery
Before you leave, inform the delivery company of your absence so that they suspend the delivery until your return.

While traveling
Depending on the length of you travel, choose the most appropriate method. Buses are the best in average distances. Avoid bringing your car is possible. Fill the bus first.

For shorter distance
There is no need to fly. A bus is recommended for such distance. If possible use train as it emits less carbon. If renting a car, choose the one that consumes less fuel. If there is an option of an electric car, go for that option.

During your stay
Choose a green hotel. There are accredited hotel for green travellers. Find such hotels and know how they accommodate travellers. Check their website for reviews to confirm.

At the hotel try to minimise the energy you use. Turn off TVs and other electronics when not in use. If staying for a couple of night have reusable towels and sheets.

There is an option to stay with friends rather than booking a hotel. Consuming items as a group is economical and save energy.

When moving around use public transportation. This will minimise the number of vehicles on the road. A smooth traffic means less consumption of fuel which is environmentally friendly.

The places you eat need to be green. Challenge yourself with a local dish that is organic. To find the best ask a friend for a recommendation.

As you can see, there is a lot that one can do to keep the environment clean and safe. Being eco-conscious may need effort and sometimes sacrifice, but it is for the greater good. True change starts with you. Keep these tips in mind and most importantly practise them and encourage other to follow suit.